Target Groups

The effect of project strategy is to contrast some of the barriers for the valorisation of the results already outlined: supplying the dissemination of a permanent reference for the result repository, widening the number of stakeholders contacted, allowing them the chance to discuss relevant aspects emerging from their analysis of results.

The overall action will be supported with a methodological model based on a consortium evaluation research aimed to set up a number of indicators for the evaluation of valorisation strategies.

The initiative theme of the project is aimed at two types of target group:

The stakeholders to be directly addressed are intended as:

  • persons directly involved into the project and persons interested in the results of the project and who will develop and disseminate.
  • policy makers: intended as the main responsible of the policies related to education, healthcare, employment, society support and personal assistance referred to disabled people in the specific regional (national) context.
  • technical bodies involved in disability: including assistance, education, employment, medical and rehabilitation;
  • considering the involvement of the decisional level and the involvement of the (in field) technical operators;

The stakeholders to be indirectly addressed are intended as:

  • disabled people and their families: as the part who is most interested in understanding, participating, adopting/adapting and pushing for changes in the society;