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TUCEP Tiber Umbria Comett Education Programme - Perugia, Italia (Coordinator)

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TUCEP is a consortium between Universities and Enterprises created in 1992 under Comett project, its aim is the formation at national and European level. The Consortium coordinated during these year many projects under Tempus, Socrates, Leonardo and also was responsible of the management of research program. He obtain the quality certification  in 2000. In the past was the coordinator of two project related to this sector one under Minerva and the last under Grundtvig. The Consortium is also expert in the organisation of workshop and meetings and is connected to an European network.

EMA European Medicine Association– Bruxelles, Belgium

EMA is non profit Association of Medical Doctors at the European level  and its aim is to promote collaboration and information around major problem of this sector.
Created by and for doctors, EMA is essentially a service organisation. EMA does not conflict or interfere with other existing medical associations or professional activities.
To improve the quality of healthcare and medical working conditions in the European Community, EMA primarily aims to:

"MARIE- CURIE" Association – Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Marie Curie Association
MARIE CURIE ASSOCIATION is a non-profit, NGO. The team of the Association has extensive knowledge of issues in relation to mentoring, informal learning, education, training and employment .Experts in different sectors are involved: management; e-learning, legislation, education and etc. Marie Curie Association has managed and co-coordinated several international projects in the field of setting – up mentoring schemes,   ODL and e-learning, career guidance, prequalification, employment, laboured law consultancies, mentoring, networks of employers of disability, validation of non-formal and informal learning practices, education,  and unemployment mostly for  disabled people particularly at graduate and managerial levels, and  all have had an emphasis on IT and web-resources, paper-based carriers, Sign language  and Braille format. These projects involve more than 7 000 people per annum. We have been involved in several LdV projects both as contractors/coordinators and partners. Marie Curie has a strong relations with educational and training institutions, national and local authorities – Municipalities; NAVET(National Agency for Vocational Education and Training); SAPD(State Agency for People with Disabilities) and EU networks Workability Europe.  It provides research and consultancy for external organisations, and has a large network of contacts. Project management expertise at local, regional and national level. Previous Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig project experience.The dissemination practice of the association has been very successful, thanks to our PR department which keeps very close relations with all mass media, relevant organisations, decision makers, local and national authorities.

CV2, Grenaa Business College - Djurslands, Denmark

Curricula Vitae2
CV2 is the development and course department of Grenaa Business and Technical Colleges. It has 25 employees. CV2 offers a range of different outputs delivered through different teaching modes including traditional class teaching, teaching in multi-media workshops, distance teaching via the Internet and outdoor team building, as appropriate. Training outcomes are delivered by a highly specialist staff complement which together make up a strong team that can act as sparring partners at all levels and in a variety of sectors.
CV2 seeks to ensure that innovation and development of new products and methods take place, mainly through participation in a range of national and international ventures with other Danish, European and American organisations. This collaboration means that CV2 is at the cutting edge of developments in e-learning and continuously incorporates experience from the development projects into its daily e-learning activities.

Azienda Sanitaria Locale Umbria n.3 – Foligno, Italia

ASL3 umbria
The ASL3 is a public health assistance organisation expert in quality indicators and participate also to some European project They have the responsibility of the quality of social services included that for disabled persons.

Pragma Engineering s.r.l. - Perugia, Italia

Pragma Engineering
Pragma Engineering S.r.l. is a SME working in the framework of technological applications in different sectors:
-    industrial (ATE, measurement);
-    custom projects (B2B relationships);
-    education;
-    assistance technology.
With reference to education the main activities are related to collaborate in designing educative multimedia materials for specific purposes (with respect to usability, structure, media, etc…) like CDROM/DVD and on-line courses, thought for ODL and blended applications.

S.I.N.N. Social Innovative Network – Graz, Austria

Social Innovative Network
S.I.N.N. is an internationally active reseach, counselling and training enterprise, registered in Graz, Austria (A4 - K746/2000/1 Magistrat Graz.) S.I.N.N. is  primarily dealing with training, quality management, dissemination and certification in the field of disability, evaluation and training for professionals working with disadvantagded groups (children with disability, frontline workers assisting PwD. S.I.N.N. cordinated a Leonardo da Vinci pilot project (www.eqm-pd.com) aiming to increase the quality of professional assistance for PwD and initiating certification processes (via online assessment instrument) for services supporting PwD.
S.I.N.N. pays attention to full participation of PwD and aims to include PwD at every stage of the project. Furthermore Dr. Pretis is author of several books regarding support of children with disabilities (www.reinhardt-verlag.de). Dr. Pretis is Member of internaltional Societies and Networks within the field of Assistance for PwD.  Both within eqm-pd and ebiff project S.I.N.N. was faced with certification processes and recognition of (prior) learning processes of professionals in the field of disability.

SERFA University of Haute Alsace– Mulhouse, Francia

SERFA University of Haute Alsace– Mulhouse, Francia
SERFA is the department of Continuing Education of the Université de Haute Alsace, France. Each year it trains about 2,000 adult professionals in various fields. Two fields are concerned by the present project : courses in IT and the Internet, and also courses in paramedical and social subjects, more particularly devoted to people who work with disabled people.
SERFA usually organises specific European seminars concerning Adult Education all over Europe in the frame of Leonardo (CEPROFS) and Grundtvig (ELLPROFT) projects.
Recently, SERFA has run diverse courses concerning the “accessibility of the web” for disabled people in various places in France in cooperation with specialists from the Université de Nice.