What is ENEVA

Eneva portal is a full functional prototype for information repository of EC co-funded project in the field of disability.
It provides an advanced search engine allowing the user to select results (as projects) not only on the basis of the programme they belongs to, but also on the basis of:
  • direct beneficiaries,
  • indirect beneficiaries,
  • geographical coverage (countries involved)
  • ICF (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health of World Health Organisation) frameworks as they include items about activity and participation of the persons and environmental factors impeding their participation.

This feature is representing an improvement in project selection which could be better focused on the theme addressed rather than the financing measure. It is possible also place more than of a key in AND function (for instance selecting Italy for the coverage and Applying Knowledge ICF framework only project focused on vocational training, professional development and learning whose activities are deployed in Italy will be listed…).

The projects information have been uploaded on a voluntary basis by part of project coordinators and their partners: in order to avoid semantic ambiguity the reference language is english, allowing an abstract written in the original language. The web site allows to enter information about dissemination activities and in general "intangible" products as well as to upload documents and "tangible" products, they should comprise all the translated versions for a wider understanding.

The web site access is free: it is possible to search within the project database and, considering those who are involved in projects on disability, it is possible to join disseminating information about their projects.