FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


First you need to access the Login In form which is located on the left side in the menu column.

Login Form

After that, you will be redirect to your personal reserved area.


First step: You must select the link for registration (Login form bottom side) and then you will be redirect to the Register form. You must fill the field as follow:

  • Name : the last name of the coordinator/partner or who fills the form 
  • Project name/acronym: the name or acronym of the project without spaces and minimum two characters.It can only contain the following characters 0-9, a-z, A-Z (white space must be substitude by _ underscore)
  • e-mail: a valid e-mail account
  • Password: it must longer than 6 characters and must contain alphanumeric characters
  • Verify Password: digit the same alphanumeric password

then complete  the Registration form by clicking  the button "Send Registration".


You are redirected to welcome page "Registration Complete!" that says:

"Your account has been created and activation link has been sent to the e-mail address you entered. Note that you must activate the account by clicking on the activation link when you get the e-mail before you can login."

Second step:

You must access to your mail-box and open the new mail coming from the Eneva project application.

Received mail containing your account detail

open the new mail received:


Click on the activation link and you are immediatly redirected on the "Complete activation" page of the Enevaproject portal.

Third step: Now you should access performing the Log In through the Login form.

It is very important to understand, that for security and privacy reasons, in order to access your project account is neccessary that the Eneva project website administartor approves your account through its administration backend.

admin confirmation tool


After Logging In procedure select the "Project" in the left side Project Menu in order  to access  your project account detail page. In Top of the project detail page you must select the link "update your logo"

Acces to the update logo page

To upload or update your project logo perform the following steps:

  • First step: Select the Browse button and the application generate a dialog box
  • Second step: Select the drop down select menu and find the folder in the local machine containing your logo
  • Third step: Select the logo file (permitted extension gif, jpg, png)
  • Fourth step: Click Open button
  • Fifth and last step: Click upload button on the upload project logo page and wait until the application completes the operation.


In order to preserve the original quality of the image, utilise alogo in format jpg, gif and png and it must have 210 px in height and 150px in width. 


It is possibile to link your document stored on other public website to Enevaproject website. First you must access to your project account and select the link "Update Project Details" you are redirected to your tab structure forms:



You must select Tangibile Products to access to the fom inherent to your download documents.



To insert into Eneva project a reference to  your document published in a other public website you must fill the following fields:

Web Link: Insert the website link where it is possibile to find your document

Download ->Addres of site: Insert the complete URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the risource(http://www.designforall.net/e107_files....). You can copy it from the source website.

Download->Name of site: Insert the name of the source public website

Repeat the same operation for Related Link fields,  the only difference is that  this web site, if it exists, is related to the main website. (alternate web site reporsitory).